VM MediaBridge Configuration

CommandCenterHD Zone Setup

Configuring your Account to work with your MediaBridge

  1. Login to your CommandCenterHD account.
  2. On the CommandCenterHD Dashboard, hover your mouse over the wrench icon in the upper right and then click on the Configuration link.
  3. Click on the Add Zone button.
  4. Choose a Zone Name and a Zone ID to associate with this MediaBridge.
  5. To save your changes click on the Save Zone button.

*Make note of your Account Name, unique pin, and Zone ID from this page before moving on to the VM MediaBridge Setup.

VM MediaBridge Setup

Configuring your VM MediaBridge

  1. Download VM Image from the following link, credentials provided by Industry Weapon account rep: https://www.industryweapon.com/support/
  2. Bring the image online through your VM solution.
  3. Once the image is online, open the console screen.
  4. Login using credentials below:
    Username = setip, Password = setip
  1. Enter networking information as prompted.
  2. Your device will reboot with the applied credentials.
  3. When device is powered on again, open a web browser and navigate to the applied IP address to access the MediaBridge’s web interface.
    Username = admin, Password = default
  4. Click the Account button.
  5. Update the following:

Account ID
This unique name can be found in your CommandCenterHD Configuration page and is a case-sensitive field.
Your account ID can also be seen as the text that appears between http:// and .channelshd.com in your account’s URL.
For example, http://industryweapon.channelshd.com industryweapon would be the account ID.

Account PIN
This unique pin can be found in your CommandCenterHD Configuration page and is a case-sensitive field.

Zone ID
The Zone ID must first be set in your CommandCenterHD Configuration page to identify your MediaBridge. Follow the steps in the first section of this guide CommandCenterHD Zone Setup to create a Zone ID, this is a case-sensitive field.

  1. After making your changes to the Account Configuration section, press the Save button.
  2. You will receive the following message: “Account information saved. Please restart the MediaBridge for IP configuration changes to take effect.”
  3. To restart your MediaBridge, click on the Power link on the left side of the page.
  4. Click on the Restart MediaBridge button on the next page, your MediaBridge will then boot into your updated information.


Email Industry Weapon Support at support@industryweapon.com or call us at 877-607-0562.

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