View what is taking place across your entire CommandCenterHD account. These reports will display data like the daily activity in CommandCenterHD, users registered, device activity, and assets added to the account. These reports will allow you to dive in deeper into your account.

Accessing Utilization

  1. Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.
  2. In the apps page search for Utilization
  3. Select the Utilization app

Using Utilization

Once you’re within the utilization app you will see the below tabs:

  • CommandCenterHD
    • This tab will show Image, Video, Campaign, and Channel assets in your account. This chart will go back to the beginning of your account.
  • Devices
    • The Devices tab will show you active devices within your account and available licenses in a historical timeline.
    • Select Manage Devices to build a report you can download in Excel format. Click Add Report to build a new report and choose the device fields you wish to include within the report.
  • Red Core Devices
    • In this tab you can view a report of devices using Red Core within your account.
Red Core Devices
  • Users
    • This tab will display the number of users active within your account during a specified week.
    • Scroll down to see a list of all users in the account including their email, name, date created, and when they last logged in.
    • Select Download Export to download an Excel file including the data you find on this page.
  • Daily Activity
    • Select a day and see a log of every event that occurred within CommandCenterHD. Was a template created that does not meet your brand guidelines? See the data within this tab to verify who created the template so you can give them feedback on brand guidelines.
Daily Activity
  • Campaigns
    • This report will show you all campaigns within your account and when they were last updated.
  • House Keeping
    • View assets that belong to users who have been removed from the account. See if the item is currently in use and when it was last modified. Delete the item from this report if you no longer wish for the file to be within CommandCenterHD.
House Keeping


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