Adding your Twitter feeds to your screens has never been easier! Our Twitter app allows you to connect your accounts directly to your CommandCenterHD account to entertain viewers and provide visibility into your social media efforts. Once configured, simply drag and drop the feeds anywhere on your screen, set your background and you’re done.

Key Features

  • Display up to Four of the latest Twitter Posts (max of 140 characters)
  • Customize Font Type & Color with either Centered or Sidebar Templates
  • Feeds create a Remote Image that can be used at either the Template or Campaign Level in CommandCenterHD

Configuring your Feed

  • Name – This will become the name of the Remote Image the app creates
  • Screen Name – input the name or handle of the account you want to integrate with.
  • Template Layout – Choose Centered or Sidebar
    • Centered is designed in a 16:9 ratio making it best suited for full-screen applications.
    • Sidebar can be added to the left or right side of your slides
  • Local Timezone – This is the timezone reflected in the remote image
  • Observe Daylight Savings – Enable this if your location observes Daylight Savings time
  • Posts to display – Choose from 1-4 of the most recent posts
  • Profile Image Background – (optional for Centered) Enabling will show profile picture in the background
  • Profile Image – (optional) Enabling will show a profile picture beside the screen name shown
  • No background  (optional for Centered) Enabling will populate a background themed for the platform
  • Font – Choose a specific font and font format
  • Custom Text Color – Specify a unique text color
  • Active – Make sure to check mark active in order to create your updating remote image
  • Relay – Choose where your image is cached
    • MediaBridge – If your deployment has a MediaBridge
    • CommandCenterHD – If you do not have a MediaBridge

Once configured select Save. Once saved the system will generate a preview of the feed within 20 minutes. Add your finalized remote image to a template or campaign.

Twitter centered
Twitter sidebar

Twitter FAQ

Q: What if my company has several Twitter pages?
A: Add multiple Twitter Feeds. Please make sure you name each feed.

Q: How often does the feed update?
A: You can expect the posts or feeds to update approximately every 20 minutes

Q: What if a post is just an image without any text?
A: If no text appears in the post, then it will post the next feed to display.

Q: I just created my first feed. How long does it take to preview?
A: You can expect the preview to display or update approximately 20 minutes after saved

Q: Who can I contact if I experience any issues or have questions?
A: Reach out to our training staff at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at

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