This application gives users a dashboard where they can edit and input numbers in real time.

Input doesn’t have to be limited to employee performance any sort of numeric information, like hard numbers, currency, and percentages can be automated to the signs.

Users can set business rules to display various colors to represent each numeric state. For example, a user who displays retention rates via the Stats Dash App can color code the fields based on the numeric value.

Once the settings are in place, the business rules will apply to whatever numeral is input into the field. Users can choose from a selection of dashboard colors and implement their logo in the corner of the design. The Stats Dash App displays up to three input fields per dashboard. Users can put as many Stats Dashboards into their digital signage schedule as they desire.

Creating a StatsDash

1. Click Apps in the CommandCenterHD navigation bar at the top of any page.

2. Search or click on StatsDash

3. Click the Create New StatsDash button

4. Type in a Title

5. Select your preferred Color Scheme
Dark or Light

6. Choose either a Background Color or a Background Image

7. (Optional) Include your Logo

8. Select the number of Blocks you would like to display (1 to 3)

9. Click the Save StatsDash button

Editing Your StatsDash Data

1. Click the Edit icon to the right of the StatsDash name you need to edit.

2. The displayed editor view will allow you to edit the data within each of the fields, each of these editable fields are outlined below:

You can make alterations to your StatsDash preferences by clicking the notepad icon located in the upper left-hand corner. This icon will be directly beside the StatsDash name.

3. Once you have completed your StatsDash, click the Save button.

Adding Your StatsDash to a Campaign

StatsDash creates a Remote Image that you’ll be able to add to any slide in the campaigns of your choosing. Take a look at our CampaignsHD article if you have questions on adding an image to a slide.

For any additional questions please reach out to our training staff at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at

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