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Our RSS Publisher app allows you to create your own RSS feeds. Build out stories with start and end dates to keep your feed fresh and relevant. When using an RSS feed you create a scrolling ticker that is placed anywhere on your template or a slide in a campaign.

Accessing RSS Publisher

  • Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.
  • In the Apps page search for RSS Publisher
  • Select the RSS Publisher app

Building an RSS feed

  • Select Add RSS Feed
  • In the edit window you will find the below options:
    • Name: This is name of your RSS feed and it will show at the beginning of your RSS feed
    • Description: Type a short description of your RSS feed
    • Standard: Save RSS URL: You will use this to store regularly used RSS Feeds, and see how they will be displayed on your signage.
    • Custom: Create Your Own RSS Content: This allows you to create your RSS content manually.
      • Type in your story and the date range you would like the story to display
      • If you do not select a date range that story will show until you remove the story within the app.
      • Select Save once each story is complete
      • Click on the edit (notepad) button to edit your stories as needed
      • Select the red X to remove a story from your RSS feed
    • Once you’ve selected your options select Save RSS Feed
    • See the example below on how to configure your feed
  • Once saved you will see your RSS feed listed within the app
  • Doubleclick on the URL created to highlight it and right click to copy the URL
    • Now your RSS feed can be added you a template, a slide in a campaign, or in RSS reader your company may use. Take a look at our articles on Templates and Campaigns to see how to add your RSS feed.
  • You can click on the preview (magnifying glass) icon to preview your RSS feed
  • Select the edit (notepad) icon to edit your feed


If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our training team at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at

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