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Top 3 Marketing Mistakes Retailers Make

Retail marketing is a whole lot of trial-and-error.   Taking risks by giving new ideas a shot is a critical step in the brand-building process, but as marketing approaches develop, occasionally stumbling is inevitable.  Of course, minimizing those errors is possible by evaluating common mistakes and ensuring you don’t make them yourself.

As you improve your marketing strategies, consider the missteps other companies often tend to make.  It may sound harsh, but learn from their lousy judgments!  Marketing is a unique art, and sometimes the best ideas in theory just don’t translate in practice.  Keep these frequently-made mistakes in mind as you revise your own retail marketing plan.


1.  Over-saturating the customer’s inbox.  This is a twofold problem.  First and foremost, everybody has enough emails to handle; sending too many promotional emails from any organization is a quick way to irritate customers.  And if potentially annoying your consumers isn’t bad enough, sending an excessive number of emails will likely motivate your recipients to mark your notices as spam.  Once archived as spam, all future emails will be redirected to the customer’s junk folder–not good!

Avoid this mistake by being relatively selective about emails.  Typically, one message per day is ideal.  Be sure to announce sales and new arrivals in the subject header, so the customer is enticed enough to open the body of the email.  Readers will stay informed about your latest announcements without growing annoyed at their frequencies.


2.  Ineffectively utilizing social media.  Social media sites are a great way to communicate with customers, but many companies don’t understand how to appropriately use them.  When customers “like” or “follow” you, they are expressing interest in your product.  That’s a major marketing opportunity!  For that reason, the content you post on social media should have direct relevance to your brand.  The best indication of how well your social media content is resonating is the number of “likes” and “shares” on each post.

One quick tip?  Reward customers who engage with your company online by giving special offers to those who like or follow you.  Whether it’s a promotional online discount code or a raffle giveaway, customers will take notice of how much you value their support.


3.  Using dated platforms.  The quickest way to seem out-of-touch is to be, well, out-of-touch.  Your marketing strategies should reflect the creative, modern attitude of your company.  Today, that means abandoning platforms of the past and embracing the digital revolution.  Using digital signage, whether they’re HD screens or interactive kiosks, showcases your company’s ability to adapt to a changing technological environment.

It’s not just about your image.  Digital signage also enables you to more quickly and attractively promote the latest retail updates , from clearance sales to new season arrivals.  Maintaining the use of yesterday’s information-sharing mediums prevents company growth in the marketing sphere. Get ahead of the curve with digital signage, and your customers will thank you.



Jennifer Kline



 Jennifer Kline, Author


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