November 7, 2018
Audience Engagement

Big Company or Small, Internal Comms isn’t a Piece of Cake

Audience size determines the internal comms strategy.

We’re about to say something that anyone who’s planned a wedding already knows: It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with 25 people or 250. Things are gonna get complicated.

Thankfully, your corporate communications probably don’t result in tears over seating arrangements. But without the right infrastructure -- well, we won’t say tears will fall, but there may be heads banging against keyboards.

It’s pretty easy to figure out why a big multi-branch company would have a hard time effectively communicating with each and every employee: Staffers are spread out between departments, offices, cities, even countries. And yet, on the other end of the spectrum, leaner teams often have just as many internal comms challenges as their larger counterparts.

Effective Communications for that Time When the Audience Expands

Not long ago, Vicki Norris was responsible for internal comms reaching 70 employees. But when she joined real estate company Highwoods Properties as Director of Marketing, her reach was suddenly multiplied by nearly seven times to become a whopping 470 employees strong.

To be honest, when we sat down with Vicki and other members of Highwood’s marketing team, we expected to hear that when her audience got so much bigger, her corporate comms strategy went from manageable to nightmarish. Instead, what Vicki revealed is that it actually became easier to map out a plan.

Why? Because the infrastructure was already in place.

Suddenly, instead of two or three people attempting to cobble together a decent strategy (while juggling tons of other stuff on their plates), there was a whole designated department tasked with handling a responsibility that genuinely affects every last employee. So the question became, okay -- now that we have the bandwidth to do this, how do we really take advantage of it?

The Best Internal Comms Tool for the Job

When Industry Weapon entered the picture, we were met with a team already brimming with cool ideas and creativity. We have the tools to make lofty ideas for internal comms a reality. And since we’ve worked with groups large and small, we know how to maximize the impact of a communications team of any size.

That all said, we can’t help you choose between the chocolate wedding cake or the red velvet. Some things you’ll have to figure out on your own.

To see how Highwoods Properties uses digital signage for internal comms, watch Episode One of our Business Impact Workshop.