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Welcome to the CommandCenterHD 17 Dashboard

The redesigned CommandCenterHD dashboard and navigation is now easier to use and provides quicker access to your setup and management options.

Changes to the main navigation include:

  • The all new App Center
  • Links for Support and Training (which are always free 24/7)
  • We have moved Devices, Users, System Diagnostics and Configuration to the top right navigation under the setup (wrench) icon
  • My Profile, Polices and Logout are now under the profile icon on the top right navigation
  • The Info tab (“I”) formerly located on the left-hand side of the page has been moved to the top right.
  • All of the options listed above are now available on every page of CommandCenterHD to make navigating CommandCenterHD more efficient

Also worth noting, many legacy system features have been converted to System Apps such as Playlists, AlertsHD, Bulk Manager, Exports, Live Video, Utilization and @ a Glance. They can be found under the Apps section in the main navigation. Alternatively, use the App search bar to quickly locate the Apps you want to find. 

Another great addition to the new Dashboard is the recent Apps and Favorites section. This section functions much like the frequently used modules section of the classic dashboard, but now you can save your frequently used apps, or favorites, to the Dashboard by clicking on the star next to the App’s badge.

We know change can be tough. So, if you loved the Classic look for CommandCenterHD or are simply not ready to switch to the new dashboard, select the “classic” option on the dashboard dropdown. To save your classic view preference, visit the Info tab under the My Profile section.


Download the PDF for more details.


Want to learn more about CommandCenterHD 17, contact your Industry Weapon representative today!

U.S. and Canada: 1-877-344-8450

Australia: +61 3 8820 5518

UK: +44 (20) 3750 9810

France: +33 (1) 85640144

All Other : +1-724-941-5298


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