System Diagnostics


The System Diagnostics tool within CommandCenterHD affords system administrators the ability to monitor system processes, review event logs, and examine the overall performance of their digital media network from anywhere in the world.

Key Features

  • View current status of all Media Players assigned in CCHD
  • Tiered event reporting monitors the health of your digital media network
  • Searchable archive of historical device events

Event Types

System Diagnostics displays four different event types. They are tiered for severity, and color-coded to help you to easily identify successful syncs or potential issues.

Event Types

Accessing Your System Diagnostics

Click anywhere in the system diagnostics box on your main dashboard screen to see more system event details. You can also access system diagnostics by hovering over the wrench icon in the top navigation bar and select System Diagnostics in the drop down.
Note: If you do not see System Diagnostics you’ll need to work with your admin to be granted access. 

System Diagnostics Page Layout

Navigating the System Diagnostics page can be simplified by using the search tool in the upper right corner. Search by device name, device ID, or IP address in order to locate a particular device. To obtain a list of recent events on a device, click “More Events” on the corresponding line of that device. Click the “Historical” tab in the upper left corner to browse the event history of your devices within a particular time frame.

Diagnostics Layout

Common Warnings, Errors, and Alerts

Outlined in this section are the most commonly reported events in System Diagnostics along with their corresponding troubleshooting tips.

Device could not be contacted (Error)

This message typically indicates that the device is unable to communicate properly on the network

Please follow the troubleshooting suggestions below:
1. Check the power and network cables
• Ensure the that there is power and network connectivity by checking for power lights in front and network lights in the back of the player in question.
• Rebooting the player by unplugging it and then plugging it back in can often help resolve the problem
2. Ensure there are no firewalls blocking communication from the MediaBridge.
• Check that your firewall is open from the relay to the device over ports 80 and 443.

Device authentication may be incorrect (Error)

This message means that your device and CommandCenterHD passwords do not match.
1. Verify that your web account password for your device is correct in CommandCenterHD.
• Enter the device IP address into your web browser. Then, try to login to the device with the web
account credentials in CommandCenterHD.
• If these credentials are incorrect and do not provide access to the device, you must consult with the installation provider.

Device reboot override due to inactivity (Alert)

This message usually indicates that the device is unable to speak back to the Media Bridge or that another MediaBridge is attempting to contact the device.

Please follow the troubleshooting suggestions below:
1. Find out if your firewall settings will allow the device to speak back to the MediaBridge over port 80.
• Review any firewall exception for this device back to the MediaBridge over port 80.
2. Ensure that there is only one MediaBridge that is trying to reach the device.

File not on Media Bridge (Warning)

This message usually indicates that scheduled media has not yet been downloaded to your MediaBridge for distribution.

Please follow the troubleshooting suggestions below:
1. Login to the MediaBridge and inspect the logs to ensure that the files are being written to the player(s).
2. If files are properly downloaded, there may be another content issue.
• Review the channel that is currently assigned to the device. Ensure that text boxes are sized correctly for the amount of text contained within them.

Create device common directory failure (Error)

This message means that the attempt to write the CommandCenterHD basic system files to the device has failed.

Please follow the troubleshooting suggestions below:
1. Your device may require a reboot in order for it to sync to the MediaBridge.
• This can happen when a device is first brought online. The reboot should initiate communication
with the MediaBridge and allow for the error to resolve itself.
2. Ensure the proper model of player is selected in your device set-up.
3. Ensure that the proper firmware selection is made for the device

State synchronization failure

This message indicates that there was an error while attempting to analyze, interpret or manage the CommandCenterHD system data.

Please follow the troubleshooting suggestions below:
1. Ensure that all device settings are accurate. If they are, this issue typically will resolve itself.


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