Uploading and Organizing Media

MediaHD Introduction

MediaHD allows you to organize and manage images, videos, and HTML for use in your CommandCenterHD templates and campaigns.

Adding Images and Videos to MediaHD

We have a long list of supported file types, the most popular ones used by our customers are PNG, JPEG, MOV, and MPEG.

CommandCenter will convert your uploaded video files to the appropriate format to play on your device. The CommandCenterHD system automatically converts your video file into two formats: The first is a low-resolution preview that can be viewed in your browser through the CommandCenterHD interface; the second is a device-friendly MPEG that is distributed to the player.

Click here for a list of supported file types

1. To begin, open the CommandCenterHD Dashboard, where you’ll find four main options. Click on the first one, MediaHD.

2. Here you’ll find your media library. Select either the tab for Images or Videos depending on what type of media file you would like to upload to MediaHD. You’ll know which tab is selected because it will turn from gray to blue.

3. Click the Add Media button. This will open a popup uploading window.

4. Drag and drop your media file(s) into this box or click the Choose File button.

After selecting your media file, the window will display your file with the following optional settings:

  • File Name
    You can click on the current file name to change it.
  • Video Quality Video File Only
    Select the video quality you would like to output on your device. A higher setting will require more time to upload and process the file.
  • Activate Deactivate
    You can choose to have this file available for playback on your signage (Green) or to deactivate it for now (Red), the file will still upload into your MediaHD and can be reactivated later.
  • Background Image (square on top of cube icon) Image File Only
    If this image will be used as a background image in your content playback, toggle this button on to set this image as an available Background Image.
  • Video Orientation Video File Only
    Select the orientation of your video file: horizontal or portrait.
  • Settings (gear icon)
    In this section you can add this image into any of your CommandCenterHD groups or add a custom tag to better identify this image file. You can also choose to set this image as your account logo, and enable video wall playback resolutions.
  • Delete (red X)
    To cancel this image file upload, you can click on this button.

5. After you have selected your media assets, click the Upload Media button. As the items upload, their spaces will turn green. When they are 100% uploaded, click Done.

Adding HTML to MediaHD

The HTML tool within MediaHD provides CommandCenterHD users the ability to cache and/or upload HTML files.

*This tool requires an additional purchase to enable on your CommandCenterHD account, please reach out to your Industry Weapon account manager for details.

*Many images on the web are copyrighted to their specific author. Be sure to obtain permission to use any images on external websites that are not your own.

1. Select the tab for HTML. You’ll know which tab is selected because it will turn from gray to blue.

2. Click the Add Media button. This will open a popup window:

3. Name your HTML media.

4. Select the Source for your HTML:

  • Select URL to display a live embedded website using its web address.
    The URL entered must be public so that the devices can access the content. If a URL is private or password protected, the players will not be able to playback that page’s content.
  • Select File to upload local HTML files directly into CCHD.
    Files need to be single page HTML documents that contain all necessary scripts to run as a standalone page.

5. Check the Active box.
(Optional) You may enter a description of the website to use as a reference.
(Optional) A user permission group may be set under Advanced Settings link.

6. Click on the Save HTML button.

Editing/Replacing Assets in MediaHD

You can manipulate media assets in MediaHD by using the icons located near each media asset.

  • You can delete the asset by clicking the red X
  • You can alter the privacy of the asset by clicking the lock symbol
  • To show all edit options for an image you can click on the notepad icon
    • You will see the choices to edit the Image Name or entirely replace the image by clicking Choose File and selecting a new file as well as the below image options:
  1. Rotate the image
  2. Crop the image
  3. Enter full-screen
  4. Change the blur, opacity, shadow, and border
  5. Flip the image horizontally
  1. Flip the image vertically
  2. Show linked assets
  3. Add tags
  4. Set it as a background image


Reach out to our training team at 877-344-8450 EXT 5 or at Training@industryweapon.com

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