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Customers will now have the functionality to support improved downloading of enhanced media assets with greater control over their media downloads, including more reliable download verification. Along those lines, the player will clean up extra copies of downloaded media, saving additional disk space. The player will now display additional information around connect mode via distributed hinting. Additionally, the Industry Weapon player on iOS will now support playlist functionality as well as support for iOS 9.3 firmware.


  • Purchase of hardware
    • Models supported: iPad 2-4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2-4, iPad Pro
  • Network configured per network topology
  • Version:
    • iOS 8 or later
    • IW Player 2.0.8 or later
  • Note: Customers will need to use enclosure for playback of content to prevent users from selecting “Home” button and exiting IW Player.


Creating the Device in CommandCenterHD

  1. On your CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the wrench icon in the upper right and click Devices.
  2. After you click “Devices,” click the + next to the tablet button at the top of the page.
  3. Enter a name for the device and (if you want) set its status to Active, then hit Next in the bottom right to move to the next tab.
  4. Choose the MediaBridge you want the device to connect to (or change the Connect Mode to CommandCenterHD if applicable).  The other fields in this tab are not commonly used.
  5. In the next tab, enter the location where the device will be running (you can use a city name, zip code, or street address, or manually enter the latitude and longitude).  Be sure to click Get Coordinates and confirm that it found the right place.  Then enter the temperature scale and time zone you want to use.
  6. Next, you will set up the playback for the device – choose the orientation you want under Format and choose your channel from the Available Channels list.  You can also choose the position of the Admin Touch button (see below).
  7. At this point, you are ready to hit save to complete the device.  The rest of the tabs contain optional and rarely used properties.
  8. After saving, you will be taken back to the Devices page where your new device should be in the list.  The device ID will appear in parentheses after the name.

Setting up the App

  1. Power on your iOS device and navigate to the App Store
  2. Search for Industry Weapon and install the app
  3. Open app & go to bottom of page to check version of player in About This App
    • Requirements:
    • IW Player Version 2.0.8 or later
    • iOS 8 or later
      Please Note: If you have an earlier version than 2.0.8, then go to App Store & select update IW Player
  4. Configure your iPad IW Player Settings
  1. As it says in the above table, you will want to hit Start Background Service and Auto Run Player as soon as you have your credentials entered.  You will see the status of the sync as it progresses at the top of the screen.
  2. Once the sync is complete (it will say something like “Status: Last sync: [current time]“), go ahead and hit Start Player to begin showing your content.  If you only see a black screen or Industry Weapon-themed content, shut the app down and restart it.
  3. While the player is running, you can click in the corner of the screen specified by the Admin Touch Position to bring up a password field
    This password can be changed under the Accounts tab in CCHD; the default is default.  Entering the password correctly will return you to the main app screen so you can change any preferences you need to.


Email Industry Weapon Support at support@industryweapon.com or call us at 877-607-0562.

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