Utilize HTML within Your Digital Signage

MediaHD HTML Description

The HTML tool within MediaHD provides CommandCenterHD users the ability to cache and/or upload HTML files.
*Many images on the web are copyrighted to their specific author. Be sure to obtain permission to use any images on external websites that are not your own.

Adding HTML into CommandCenterHD

  1. Click on the MediaHD link on the CommandCenterHD Dashboard
  1. Click the HTML tab
    If you do not see the HTML tab within MediaHD please reach out to your account manager at AccountTeam@Industryweapon.com or 877-344-8450.
  2. Click the Add Media button
  3. Name your HTML media
    Be sure to use a descriptive name.
  4. Select the Source for your HTML
    Select URL to display a live embedded website using its web address.
    The URL entered must be public so that the devices can access the content. If a URL is private or password protected, the players will not be able to playback that page’s content.
    Select File to upload local HTML files directly into CommandCenterHD.
    Files need to be single page HTML documents that contain all necessary scripts to run as a standalone page.
  5. Check the Active box
  6. (Optional) A user permission group may be set under Advanced Settings link.
    (Optional) Custom Tags can also be set in this area
  7. Select Save HTML button
    Changes can still be made to the HTML in MediaHD, by clicking the Edit button or using the Delete button to remove the HTML Media.

Embedded Web Page Best Practices

  • We recommend bringing up the HTML content in a lab setting first, before pushing it out to production.
  • Always test in Chrome. All Industry Weapon issued players are running a custom version of Chromium optimally designed for the digital signage use case.
  • To find out more on the HTML compatibility of your hardware please reach out to your Account Manager for details.
  • HTML Pages being used should be designed for the size and dimensions for which they are meant to be played back through CommandCenterHD.
    • It is possible to have Embedded web pages scale dependent on the size and position set within CommandCenterHD, the pages must be designed and programmed to be flexible. These types of pages are referred to as “Responsive” Web pages. Pages not designed to be “Responsive” will only show as much of the web page as the space that was designed for in CommandCenterHD.
      Example: If the web page is designed for a 1920×1080, and within CommandCenterHD only a 500×500 area has been set to host the web page, only 500×500 from the top left corner of the web page will show.
  • Disable any “X-Frame-Options: Same-Origin” headers.
  • Pages which deny cross-origin framing will not be able to be used: Example of response from google below.
    Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://www.google.com/ does not permit cross-origin framing.
  • Pages using Javascript should never reference “top.document”. Doing so will interfere with normally scheduled playback.
  • CommandCenterHD video players do not have the ability to play h264 mp4 video files. Embedded web pages do have the ability to play videos, but must use theora mp4 video files.
  • Embedded web pages should not use high motion transitions without the use of code maximizing the use of GPU processing.
  • If you would like to use media uploaded into CommandCenterHD on your embedded web pages, you will need to do so with the help of IW developers.
  • Use of memory intensive frameworks (jquery, Angular.js.) should be avoided if possible especially if intended to be deployed to Cisco 4400G devices.

Touch Kiosk Best Practices

  • Content shouldn’t scroll.
    If it does, the best approach is a secondary control.
  • Users should not be able to leave the current URL. Therefore, all outbound links should be removed.
    • If you must use any outbound links, considerable care should be taken that all other sites a user is able to access are kiosk ready.
      In the case of video sites, this will mean that the sites must be deployed to the MediaBridge, or there will be speed issues.


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