Using Folders in MediaHD

Using folders in CCHD is simple. Follow the next few steps to begin organizing your content using folders.

1. Log into CCHD and click on “MediaHD”

2. Click the “Add Folder” button on the left-hand side of the MediaHD screen

3. Type a name for your folder (Tags are optional) and click “Save”

4. Next, simply drag the media you wish to add to the folder onto the folder. When you click on the folder, the files will show up inside.

5. To return to your main media list while inside the folder, simply click the “All Media” button located above the “Add Folder” button.

6. To remove a file from a folder simply drag the file to the “All Media” button above the “Add Folder” button.

Note: Deleting a folder will not delete the files within the folder. When you delete a folder, the files will still be located within the main media list.

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