Configuration Description

The CommandCenterHD Configuration page is where you set the majority of your site settings. In this article, we will be covering the different things that can be done on the CommandCenterHD Configuration page.
*The configuration section of CommandCenterHD can only be accessed by users with Administrator privileges. If you need to edit the Configuration, please contact your CommandCenterHD system administrator.

Accessing Configuration

From the CommandCenterHD Dashboard hover over the wrench in the top orange bar and in the drop down select Configuration or simply click on the wrench icon.

Configuration Key Features

  • View your Account ID and Account Pin
  • Setup and view Zones to interact with your MediaBridge
  • Setup daily reboots for all devices in your network
  • Choose a logo and color palette for your content
  • Set all of your CommandCenterHD website settings

Upgrade Preferences Notification

When you first open your configuration page, you will be prompted to select your upgrade preferences. This tool ensures you are always running the most current version of CommandCenterHD.

  • Automatically – Your account is upgraded as soon as there is a new version released.
  • Scheduled – When a new version is released, your account is upgraded at a specific time of the week.
  • Manually – All upgrades are scheduled through your Account Manager or Industry Weapon Support


  • The Account Name, Unique Pin, and Zone ID are what allow you to connect your MediaBridge and/or Smart Players to your CommandCenterHD account in the cloud.
  • The Account Name (ID) and Unique Pin are found at the top of the page in bold.
  • When in your in your CommandCenterHD Configuration page, MediaBridge Zones can be added by clicking on the Add MediaBridge Zone button. Choose a Zone Name and a Zone ID to identify this MediaBridge. The Zone ID must then be set on the MediaBridge and must match what is listed in the CommandCenterHD Configuration page.

Account Settings

Configuring general CommandCenterHD account settings and information

Device Pin / Web Cache Key – Here you will find extra pins and keys that are currently attached to your CommandCenterHD account.

Primary Contact – Your Primary Contact is the user who is responsible for the administration of your CommandCenterHD account. This is the user that will be notified of scheduled CommandCenterHD account upgrades as well as CommandCenterHD maintenance and downtime.

System Outage Contact(s) – System outage messages will be emailed to the selected users. Only users in CommandCenterHD can be selected.

Location Details – Here you will set your location information for CommandCenterHD. This information is only used to determine the timezone in System Diagnostics and this applies to your upgrade settings as well.

Upgrade Preferences – If you ever decide to change your upgrade preferences, it can be done here.

Content Settings

This section is used for configuring your company logo, colors, and content types for use with Basic Fundamentals, and will only be accessible if you are a current Basic Fundamentals user.

Uploading Logo

Choose the layout that best describes your logo.

Click the first Choose File button and select your Color logo.

Click the second Choose File button and select a Black & White version of your logo.

Choosing Color Palette and Content

Select your Color Palette that best matches your organization in the three boxes which represent Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colors.

Check the boxes for each section of content you would like to have included in your Basic Fundamentals content.

Click on the Save Configuration button.

User Settings

Login Security Settings – The User Inactivity Logout drop-down menu will allow you to select the amount of inactive time allowed before a user is logged out of CommandCenterHD.

User Password Settings – The Password Strength drop-down menu determines the required password strength that must be set by users when they select a password. The Password Reset Policy drop-down menu determines the amount time before an inactive user is logged out of the system.

CCHD Settings

ApproveIT – This configuration works with the ApproveIT app. With this set to on you determine which content is eligible for approval and which isn’t.

HTML Previews – Most HTML content require Javascript to run. However, some HTML pages may cause errors in your page or interfere with the whole browser experience, hence scripts are blocked by default. By proceeding with this setting, you agree to waive Industry Weapon for the responsibility of potential issues you may experience with loading third-party HTML content.

No Transcoding – This allows you to select whether or not CommandCenterHD will adjust your video for the optimal format. Industry Weapon recommends that this option always stays “Off”.

Restart Settings – This tool determines when your devices will automatically reboot. It is best to choose a time of day when your devices will have the least visibility. Industry Weapon recommends that this option always stays “On”.

Slide Settings – You can enable the slide activation/deactivation option found in CommandCenterHD under Slide Settings and Click here for More Options. Default slide activation or deactivation can be set here as well.

Video Transcoding Notifications – Enabling notifications will email the user when a video is done transcoding.

Account Images

Account Images is where you can set a logo to appear in the top right portion of your CommandCenterHD Dashboard, configure custom alerts for use with AlertHD, and custom sync screens.

Setting Account Image – 

  1. Click on the Choose File button to select an image from your computer.
  2. Then click on the Save Configuration button.

Setting Custom AlertHD Image

  1. Set Use Custom Alerts to On.
  2. Click on the Choose File button to select an image from your computer for both horizontal and vertical displays.
  3. (Optional) You may select the Alert Text Position for your images by adjusting the height/width and X/Y values for the image.
  4. Click on the Save Configuration button.

Setting Custom Sync Image

  1. Select Choose File to upload a horizontal or vertical custom sync image.

Touch Settings

This tool is used in very specific use cases. This allows your touch screen to redirect users to a specified url. In most cases, you will not need to configure this area.

Advanced Tuning

This tool is used in very specific use cases. This controls intervals and timeout values for different areas of CommandCenterHD. In most cases, you will not need to configure this area.


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