MediaBridge Chaining Overview:

MediaBridge Chaining allows you to set up a Parent/Child Relationship between two MediaBridges in relation to the Media Sync. When you set a Master/Parent MediaBridge Field, you are telling this MediaBridge to pull its entire necessary media from the Master/Parent MediaBridge, not directly from our Data Center.

Configuring a Chained MediaBridge:

  1. Log in to your MediaBridge; the default credentials are U: admin P: default (unless changed by your team).
  1. Click “Edit Account Configuration”
  1. Check the Use MediaBridge Chaining option, enter the IP address of your master MediaBridge.
  2. Click Save Account Configuration and then go to the restart tab to restart your MediaBridge. Once rebooted your MediaBridge download all content from the master MediaBridge.


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