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CampaignsHD Introduction

Now that you’ve created a Template in TemplatesHD and added all of your images and videos to CommandCenterHD you can use CampaignsHD to begin organizing them for display. You have the ability to arrange each slide layout to your own liking. Once you’ve finished, your campaign will be ready to come to life.

What is a campaign? A campaign is series of slides running from a common template, on which you can add text, images, video, and flash animation. You can create as many separate campaigns as you’d like, and each one can be as simple or elaborate as you prefer.

*Once you have created your campaign it will need to be scheduled for playback, please refer to the ChannelsHD Manual for instructions on how to add the campaign to your player’s Channel.

*Keep in mind that any changes you make will take 15-20 minutes before they are reflected on your digital endpoint. Also, only active slides within your campaign will play.

Adding a New Campaign

1. To begin, open the CommandCenterHD Dashboard, where you’ll find four main options. Click on the third one, CampaignsHD.

2. Click the Add Campaign button. This will open a popup window.

3. Enter a Campaign Name.

4. Choose the Campaign Format, either Horizontal or Vertical orientation.

5. Click the Select Template down arrow and choose the template you’d like to use. You can see a small preview of the template by choosing it in the drop-down menu and clicking the small eye icon.

Clicking Advanced Settings will allow you to further configure your new Campaign:

  • Add Tags
    For content organization and labeling.
  • Group
    Allows you to set the user permission group for this Template.
  • Slide Limit
    Sets a limit to the number of slides this Campaign can contain. Leave blank for unlimited slides.
  • Default Slide Length
    By default our system will make each of your slides 30 seconds in length. You can change this here OR if you add a video to a slide. When adding a video, your slide will have the same duration as the video file. 

6. Click Save Campaign and Edit Slides to start making changes or click Save Campaign to add it to your campaign list.

Creating Campaign Slides

I’ve started a campaign—now what? Now that you’ve constructed your campaign, you can begin to create slides for display.

Click the Manage button next to the campaign you just made.
If you clicked “Save Campaign and Edit Slides,” in the previous section, you can skip this step.

This will open the Campaign editor

Creating and Accessing Your Slides

  • If there are no slides yet, click Add Slide in the Slide Navigation section, and then click Empty Slide. This will bring you to the edit screen for the new slide:

Name your new slide and be sure that the activation circle icon is set to green. A red circle means the slide is set to inactive and will NOT playback on your signage.

  • To add/edit content in an already existent slide, click on the name of the slide to access the selected slide.
  • Your selected template background will be pulled into every slide’s backdrop.
  • To see the full slide you may need to zoom in or out of your browser window.
    You can do this by hitting “Control” (for PC users) or “Command” (for Mac users) and then pushing the “-“ or “+” to zoom in and out.

Previewing, Deleting, and changing  slides order

  • To preview a slide, click the little eye icon next to the slide name on the left-hand panel.
  • To delete a slide, click the red X next to its title.
  • The icon between the eye icon and the red X will allow you to change the order of your slides. Click on the icon and you can then drag and rearrange your slides.

Change Slide Name

  • Click “Edit Slides” in the left-hand panel, and a space to change the slide name will appear.


  • Be sure that the activation circle icon is set to green. A red circle means the slide is set to inactive and will NOT playback on your signage.

Moving Slides to a Different Campaign

  • Click “Edit Slides” in the left-hand panel, and then click “More” underneath the slide name box. You can then choose a new campaign from the “Slide Campaign” drop-down menu.

Saving Slides

  • Click “Save Slides” or the blue floppy disk icon to save your changes.

Editing Campaign Slides

You will see a menu bar at the bottom of your screen, which provides options for the slide:

The next sections will go into the functions of each of these menu buttons.

Adding Media

1. Click the Add Media button on the slide toolbar.
Uploading: You can also upload media right from this menu by clicking on the Add Media button.

2. Choose the media tab type you want to add, and then drag and drop your asset onto the slide.
For most users, you will be limited to two images/remote images and one video per slide for optimal playback.

3. The image will appear on the template. Drag the image to where you would like it on the slide. You can also resize the image by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.
To maintain the proportions of the image, simply drag the corner arrow. To change the proportions, hold down the Shift key while dragging, which will allow you to stretch it horizontally and vertically.

4. Double-clicking on the image will open the options menu:

Replace Media is used to replace the current media with a different asset, the new asset will retain your already-determined dimensions.

Fullscreen checking this box will make the media fit the full resolution of your slide.

Crop check this box to open the crop tool, you can adjust the new orange box that appears in the media to crop the media and then click save.

Position & Dimension can be used to adjust the exact location and size of the media.

Flip & Rotate allow you further adjust the media’s positioning as needed.

Blur, Opacity, Shadow, Border these controls will adjust the look and feel of the media.

5. After making your adjustments to the image, click on Apply.

Adding Apps

1. Click the Apps button on the slide toolbar.

2. Choose the App you want to add, and then drag and drop your asset onto the slide.

3. The App will appear on the slide. Drag the App to where you would like it on the slide.
Apps in CommandCenterHD all have unique properties and settings, please refer to your selected App for more information or contact your Industry Weapon Account Manager to learn more about our Apps.

4. After making your adjustments to the App, click on Apply.

Adding Text

1. Click the Text button on the slide toolbar. The text box will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Click and drag it to the desired location on the slide.

2. You can change the font, size, alignment and color in the text box options menu. All text within a text box will inherit the selections made in the text editor. We do not recommend copying and pasting your text unless it is from a plain text editor.

3. To resize the text box, click and drag the bottom right corner.

4. After making your adjustments to the Text, click on Apply.

Adding a Touch Point

1. Click the Touch button on the slide toolbar.

2. You will see a blue and orange glowing image representing the touch point, drag this touch point to where you want it on your Campaign.

3. In the options menu, you can choose whether you would like the touch point to trigger a full screen video or a Campaign to play.

4. After making your adjustments to the Touch Point, click on Apply.

Adding RSS/Scrolling Tickers to Individual Slides

RSS is used in templates to provide a constant ticker between slides. If you’d prefer to have a new ticker load on every slide, you can use the RSS/Scrolling Ticker function in the Slide Editor Toolbar. Click the RSS button on the Slide Editor Toolbar.

2. Select RSS or Scrolling Text.

For RSS – Paste in the URL of a validated RSS feed into the empty field and select the type of ticker you wish to use: Scrolling Ticker or Tele Ticker.

  • Scrolling Ticker means your text will smoothly scroll across the screen.
  • Tele Ticker means your text will quickly appear letter by letter, like a typewriter.

For Scrolling Text – Type in the text you wish to have scrolling. You may need to copy the text you typed and paste it in with a space between each paste so that it scrolls properly.

2. Select the text color, background color, font size, ticker speed and type of ticker from the available drop-down menus.

3. Be sure that the activation circle icon is set to green. A red circle means the slide is set to inactive and will NOT playback on your signage.

4. Click Apply in the Toolbar.

5. The ticker will appear on your screen. You can resize the width of your ticker by clicking and dragging on the bottom right corner of it. Click and drag the ticker to properly position it on your slide.

Helpful RSS/Scrolling Tickers Hints

  • Slow it down! – In most cases, the highest speed is too fast for the average viewer to read. Our recommendation is to use the speed of 2 for your scrolling ticker. Keep in mind that older media players don’t have the processing power to smoothly play back the higher speeds either.
  • Note that using the RSS tickers on a slide-by-slide basis will cause the feed to reload on each slide. If you want to keep a constant flow with your ticker, add the ticker into your template.
  • If you are using a Scrolling Text Ticker, make sure that your text is long enough to scroll. If it’s not, paste it in a few times separated by a single space. This will lengthen the scroll and make everything run
    more smoothly.

Using the Layers Feature

As you add features to your slide, you may want to layer them—for example, maybe you want text to appear on top of an image. The layers option allows you to manage each asset.

Slide Settings

  • Click Slide Settings on the menu bar, here you can edit your Slide’s name and duration. The slide duration is automatically set to 30 seconds. Usually, this is enough, but you can adjust it if necessary. The duration will automatically be adjusted to match the length of any video added to the slide.
  • The Click here for More Options link will open some additional slide configuration options:
  • Slide Notes You can type reference notes here, these will not appear in playback.
  • Slide Tags For content organization and labeling.
  • Grid Options allow you to change the design grid on your slide, this will not appear
    in playback.


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