FAQ – CampaignsHD

How do I remove a text box from my slide?

To remove a text box double click on the text area, next click the X button and your textbox will be removed from your slide.

How many slides can I add to my campaign?

As many as you want. We recommend shorter campaigns so you can have more flexibility when content is scheduled to play; however, the system will allow unlimited sides within CampaignsHD. If you are uploading a PowerPoint slide show into the PowerPoint Publisher you are limited to 50 slides a file.

Can I add more than two images to my slide?

For deployments that are running Cisco 4305, 4310, and 4400 there is a limit of two images per side. For deployments running all other hardware, you can have up to 10 images per slide along with 10 text boxes and 1 video regardless of hardware deployment.
Legacy Brightsign and Edge 340 players only support full-screen images and videos.

The weather, date and time on my slide is not showing the proper information, why?

Weather, date and time within CommandCenterHD’s slide editor and preview defaults to our headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Your weather, date and time in playback are dictated by the zip code assigned to each of your media players. This means that you can deploy the same template in multiple countries and still see the correct weather, date, and time in playback in each location.

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