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You put a lot of effort into your presentations only to have them eternally banished to your hard drive after the meeting. When will you have an opportunity to display those expertly designed charts and graphs again? Now you can send your presentations to your digital signage and let the content entertain and inform your targeted audiences!

Getting Started with PowerPoint Publisher

Click on the Modules link on the right of the dashboard or in the dashboard dropdown in the top navigation. Starting in CommandCenterHD version 2017.1.001, click the Apps link in the top navigation. You will then find PowerPoint Publisher as a System App under My Apps.

Managing PowerPoint Publisher

  1. Click Upload PowerPoint Button
  2. Add Campaign Name
  3. Select a Slide Duration
  4. Select a Campaign Format
  5. Select a Template
  6. Select a Resolution (drag orange to adjust)
  7. Click Browse to Upload
  8. Click Upload File Button

Custom Positions

Add/Edit custom positions on the main PowerPoint Publisher page:

Selecting a Pre-Staged Custom Position

Once in PowerPoint Publisher, add or edit your PowerPoint by clicking Edit or adding a new position and saving. In the edit window, select from Position drop-down menu. Select custom to add a new position and save it to your list of presets.

Scheduling PowerPoint Publisher to a Channel

Once the PowerPoint file has been uploaded, CommandCenterHD will begin the process of converting each slide into a campaign, which can range up to 30 minutes to complete the process. Select ‘Notify by email when finished processing’ for an email notification.

Continue by adding your PowerPoint campaign and schedule as you would any other CommandCenterHD campaign to your channels. Look for your PowerPoint Campaign under the PowerPoint Header within the dropdown or search for your campaign name.

Replacing a PowerPoint Campaign

Need to update an existing PowerPoint? No need to create a new PowerPoint Campaign. You can simply replace the PowerPoint file and your new slides will replace the existing slides.

  1. Open the PowerPoint Publisher app
  2. Click on the name of your PowerPoint Campaign
    1. On this page, you’ll see options to rename, change the layout and most importantly you’ll see a choose file button.
  3. Select Choose File and upload your new/updated PowerPoint file.
  4. Select Upload File
    1. Now your new file will upload and process. Once processed the new slides will download to your players.

PowerPoint Publisher Settings


Location My Apps – System Apps (previously Modules)
Slide Limitation Maximum of 50 Slides
Template Select from Existing Templates
Orientation Horizontal or Vertical
Resolution 1366×768 Fullscreen with or without Ticker
1920×1080 Fullscreen with or without Ticker Custom Resolution
Slide Duration (seconds) 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

PowerPoint Publisher FAQs

Q: Once the upload has been completed, can slide durations be adjusted?
A: Once the conversion process has been completed, you can go to that campaign and adjust the duration of any of the slides created, all within the PowerPoint Publisher app or within the Slide Editor.


Q: Can I re-import the PowerPoint file to existing PowerPoint Publisher?
A: Yes, you can reimport the file & it will update the existing campaign you had previously uploaded.


Q: Can I change my template after the conversion has been completed?
A: Yes, you can adjust the template the same way you can adjust a regular campaign with a template.


Q: Does this module support transitions, embedded video or audio files?
A: No, the current version does not support transitions, embedded video or audio files. If you need to include this, then we would recommend converting it to a video file in PowerPoint and then upload the video into CommandCenterHD


Q: What if I use Google Docs or Apple iWork/Keynote?
A: To save a Google Slides presentation in PowerPoint format, go to the File menu and download as Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx). Apple Keynote, to create a PowerPoint version, go the File menu, then choose Export To, PowerPoint…, select next and save.

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