Give your audience the latest updates with our Instagram App. This app utilizes your hashtag of choice and allows you to select only the photos you approve to be seen on your screens.

Key Features

1. Display Instagram photos on your digital signage

2. Generate a dynamic multi-slide Instagram campaign

3. Create different Instagram campaigns to fit different seasons or needs by simply searching for images via different hashtags


Number of image per slide: One

Number of Hashtags per Instagram campaign: One
You can create an unlimited number of campaigns

Number of photos you can select per campaign/hashtag: 36

Template: You must select an active template from the list, you can choose only one template per campaign

Screen orientation: Horizontal (landscape) or Vertical (portrait)

Accessing the Instagram App

  • Select Apps on the top orange bar of CommandCenterHD.
  • In the apps page search for Instagram
  • Select the Instagram app

Configuring your Instagram Campaign

  • Select Add Instagram Campaign
    If this is the first time you’ve used this app you’ll see a Login to Instagram icon instead of Add Instagram. Once you’ve logged into Instagram you can then go back to the app and select Add Instagram
  • Now you’re ready to set up your campaign. You’ll see the below page:

Selecting your Instagram Images

The next screen allows you to scroll through pages of recently uploaded Instagram photos that use your previously entered hashtag. Select images simply by clicking them. The orange border shows that the image has been selected. Below is an example of the page:

Finishing your Instagram Campaign

Once your campaign is completed, it’s time to add it to a channel for display. Follow our article on ChannelsHD to see how to schedule your Instagram campaign.

Instagram FAQs

Q: Can I edit the slides in my Instagram campaign?
A: You can always change the images or hashtag, but you cannot resize the photo or add media or text. It will show your template background and one image per slide only.

Q: Can I resize the Instagram photos?
A: No. You can only change the space where they appear on the template.

Q: Can I use multiple templates per campaign?
A: No, the template you choose is applied to all slides. You can, however, create as many campaigns as you would like.

Q: What kind of hashtag should I use?
A: Try to pick a hashtag that’s relevant to your company or the occasion. For example, you may want to choose “#Snow” around the holiday season.

Q: What sort of images can I expect?
A: Instagram features a mix of all different types of photos. Some will probably not be relevant to your campaign, like shots of strangers hanging out, but many are very artistic and unique. There is typically a large variety of scenic photos or other aesthetically pleasing images that are great for display.

Q: I just created my first Instagram Campaign. How long does it take to
A: You can expect the preview to display or update approximately 20 minutes after saved.

Q: Who can I contact if I experience any issues or have questions?
A: Email Industry Weapon Training at or call at 877-344-8450 EXT 5

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