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Tips and Tricks – MediaHD

To help you create and publish your digital signage faster, we are continually building shortcuts and features into the sections of CommandCenter you use the most! Below are 8 ways to make the most of the time you spend in CommandCenterHD’s MediaHD.

Media Folders

Organize assets by using folders, once organized you can find these same items under their folders within the slide editor and template manager.


Convert Entire Folders to Campaign

Start by adding your images and/or videos to a folder. Once you have added all of your files to your folder, click on the “arrow” icon pointing to the right just above the “edit” icon. Next, you can adjust the slide order, slide length, position on the slide, activation/deactivation settings, start and end dates and times.  When finished, you can modify your slides in the Campaign editor as well as change the files in your MediaHD folder to see the updated files reflected on your digital signage.


Archive media

Move your media assets to the archives to keep them from being used in slides or templates but ready and available for when you need them at a later date.


Duplicate Media

Have some awesome content that other folks on your team would like to leverage? Create duplicates of your media files to share with other people on your team, so they can use your media without impacting your original files.


Editing Images and Filters

Did you know that you can crop, flip, rotate, blur, add shadows, add borders, and adjust the opacity for the images you upload into CommandCenterHD. Start by clicking the “edit” icon under the image you want to modify,use the filters to apply your changes. Click the “preview” button to see the changes and then click “save” when you’re done.  


Graphics on your Videos

To create some cool effects, you can include watermarks, logos or graphics on your videos in CommandCenterHD. Use the select graphic and placement options by clicking on the Gear icon when adding a new video (the gears will appear once you have attached your file) or by clicking on the Industry Weapon icon when replacing a video that has already been uploaded (the IW icon appears just below the video preview in MediaHD). This feature supports transparent PNGS.


List View or Thumbnails

Change the way your view your media by switching from list view to thumbnails. Each view has its benefits; the list view provides multiple file selection options while the thumbnail view gives you a small preview for each asset.


Selecting Multiple Files

Use the multi-selection options on the list view to move multiple media assets to a folder, to the archives, to activate or deactivate them or put them in the trash.


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