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Tips and Tricks – Configuration and Users

CommandCenterHD was created to be able to adapt to your needs.  Personalized security settings, content creation tools and specialized display options are all available within CommandCenterHD’s “Configuration” and “Users” sections.  


Slide-based Scheduling
Need to activate and deactivate slides on a particular schedule? The slide scheduler feature must first be enabled in the configuration section. From your CommandCenterHD dashboard, click on  Configuration > CCHD Settings : Slide Settings to enable. Once enabled you can add schedules to your individual slides within the Slide Editor toolbar. To set the slide’s schedule, go to your Campaign where the slide resides, at the bottom of the page click “slide settings”, then click “more options”, enter your dates and click “save”.


Activate Your Approval Tools
Included in every CommandCenterHD standard pack is our very popular ApproveIT app that allows organizations to set approval-based workflows and notifications for Media and Slides being uploaded, created and scheduled in CommandCenterHD. To Activate ApproveIT, go to your dashboard, click Configuration, then click CCHD Settings, and select to activate Media and / or Slide approvals.


Custom and Default Resolutions:
If you will primarily be working in 1920×1080 resolution or if the majority of your digital signage is mounted in portrait (vertical) mode, you can set your default campaign and template resolutions and / or switch your default slide orientation to portrait mode. To do this, visit your CommandCenterHD dashboard, click Configuration, > CCHD Settings : Canvas Settings.


Create Custom Alert images
If you need to get an Alert message out and don’t have an integration between CommandCenterHD and your alert system, go to Configuration > Account Images : Custom Alert Images and upload your customized alert message. To issue the message to your screens, you will need to click on the AlertsHD link on the right-hand side of your dashboard. If you would like to automate your alert messaging, give us a call to discuss integrating your current alert system with CommandCenterHD.


SyncPause Graphic
In the event that your playback is interrupted during the synchronization of new content between your MediaBridge and your digital media player, you can now insert your company logo or a custom slide to play while the new content loads. Visit your CommandCenterHD dashboard, go to Configuration > Account Images : Use Custom Sync Images


Upgrade Preferences and Notifications
You can set your upgrade preferences for CommandCenterHD, Bridge and Media Players by clicking on the Configuration link on the right-hand side of your desktop then go to Account Settings, scroll down the page and set your preference. 


System Outage Contacts
Set a user from your account to receive notifications from Industry Weapon regarding regularly scheduled maintenance windows or issues impacting the system.


Inactivity and Lockouts
Set the number of failed attempts and the amount of time required before users can try to login to CommandCenterHD again.

Select the length of time of inactivity before users are auto logged out of CommandCenterHD.

Both of the features listed above are available under Configuration > User Settings : Login Security Settings


Password Strength and Policies
Set the strength of your users’ passwords. The stronger the password, the more protected your digital media content will be.

Select a password reset policy, which requires users to reset their passwords after a certain period of time.

Find these settings within Configuration > User Settings : User Password Settings


Merge User
If an employee leaves your company or if they created multiple users, you can merge their user permissions with a single selected user or a group of similar-type of users.

This feature is helpful when adding a group of SSO users to your CommandCenterHD account in conjunction with existing non-SSO users or when removing users from CommandCenterHD but need to move their groups and permissions to another user. 


Interested in learning more about these features, CommandCenterHD training or enabling additional System Apps like ApproveIT or Single Sign On (SSO)? Contact your Industry Weapon representative today!

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