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PowerPoint Content to Digital Signage Content

PowerPoint Content to Digital Signage Content

This is the tenth installment of our bi-monthly digital signage content design blog, written by our Content Creation Team, geared to help users create visually compelling content. Be sure to download your free digital signage content, below!


You already know how to maneuver your way around PowerPoint. You’ve been using the program to make visual aids for presentations since the 90’s. Why not create digital signage templates with PowerPoint, too? Designing your templates in PowerPoint is one of the easiest, low-tech ways to create templates for your digital content.

I’m in charge of creating, posting, and scheduling the digital content played in our marketing and sales office. For me, it’s a fun way to inform my co-workers of any internal updates within the workplace, while exercising my design skills. Mind you, PowerPoint is not capable of creating motion graphics or anything involving code. It’s for simple minded content designers, like myself. Believe me, I don’t know the first thing about Illustrator or Photoshop. I’ll walk you through my process:

I begin by designing the background, so I like to start with a clean slate. I select the new slide option, click on the ‘Home’ tab, and choose the first slide in the series. I delete the title slide that shows up by default so that I have a single blank slide. Now I can customize the look and feel of my template. Below are a few best practices you should keep in mind.



As explained in our blog, Digital Signage Content Design Isn’t Always Black & White, the colors you choose for your templates can either help or hurt your content. Remember to avoid white backgrounds- LED technology repels eye when it emits white.1 PowerPoint’s colorfill is the most basic option for alleviating this issue. Be sure to use the opposite color as your text. For instance, if your text is going to be black, use a light color for your background (and visa versa). This way your viewers won’t need to strain their eyes to read your screens.

PowerPoint Colorfill "Don't" for Digital Signage Templates

Texture, Gradient, and Patterns

In Give Your Digital Signage a Background Check, we point out that adding texture or ‘noise’ to your template can give a tasteful level of dimension. In PowerPoint, you can also add a ‘Gradient Fill’ or ‘Pattern’ to your background. Remember that there is a fine line between fun to look at and entrancing. Choose a subtle texture, gradient, or pattern so your background won’t be distracting!

Add Texture to Digital Signage Templates in Powerpoint


Using an image as your template background can be tricky. Just like adding texture, it can either enhance or distract from your message. Try not to select an intricate picture as your background, instead, use a simple image with a good portion of negative space. Keep in mind the content that will be displayed on the template. The HR department might have a few campaigns about changes in vacation day policies. A picture of a sunset on the beach would work nicely as the template background.

Using Images in PowerPoint with Digital Signage Templates


Especially if this is a template for campaigns running on Lobby signage, you’ll want to set aside some areas to place widgets (like RSS feeds, weather, date, and time.) In PowerPoint you are able to insert shapes onto your slide and manipulate the shapes’ placement, size, and color. A long, rectangular shape at the bottom works best for RSS feeds, while a large rectangle can house the main graphic or video of the campaign. 

Digital Signage Templates and Widgets in PowerPoint 


Your organization’s logo may be the most important aspect of your template; it maintains your brand image. Most companies keep their logo in the lower left-hand corner of their templates. Any corner will work, as long as the logo doesn’t block any important content. Be sure to choose a High Definition file of your logo so that it is clearly displayed on the signs. 

Adding Logos with PowerPoint for Digital Signage Templates

Be sure to create some ambiguous templates upon which you can add funny memes or interesting internet content. I like posting these slides between the informative slides of my campaigns. The entertaining slides attract my co-workers to the signs, and before they know it, they’re digesting the informative content, too. 


There you have it! Creating a template in PowerPoint is the simplest way to spruce up your digital signage content. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from our monthly design blogs.

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