March 27, 2019
Digital Signage Strategy

Repurposed Old Technology and Upgrade Your Office Security Systems

How to Improve Workplace Safety by Using Existing Alarms

School, church, hospital, the office -- no matter the type of building, security is always a top concern. Unfortunately, we’re all familiar with horrific situations that transpired in places that should never be touched by violence.

As we move forward, we have to do our best to equip these facilities with emergency notification systems designed to keep the maximum amount of people safe.

Everybody agrees that when it comes to safety, money should be no object. The reality? There’s always a budget. But in many cases, existing devices can be re-engineered with new intelligence to operate in more effective ways.

Making the most of current infrastructure is a strategy often used by the team at Singlewire Software. Instead of working around older technology, they’ve designed programs that easily work through more dated devices like landline phones and speaker systems.

DIY Commercial Security Systems Can Work

Consider a large campus with thousands of people spread out between dozens of facilities. How do you reach everyone without breaking the bank?

“If you have 15 buildings on campus, in a traditional overhead paging scenario, you are sending messages to each one of those speakers individually,” explains Pat Schekel, Singlewire’s EVP of Product Management and Marketing. “So if there’s an issue at Building A and you want the next 10 buildings to know, we can light up all those systems at once.”

This process of reconfiguring existing devices is especially useful in extremely large spaces, like gymnasiums and sporting arenas. Many colleges, for example, have jumbotrons installed in their gyms. Those screens are optimized to show sports scores and basic messaging.

But a bit of re-engineering can make them critical tools for clearly displaying information during emergencies. Crowds can quickly become panicked, and avoiding mass chaos during high-stress situations is fundamental. (Jumbotrons are also important for conveying crucial intel given how terrible cell phone reception tends to be in arenas.)

Yes, developing a strong security system can seem daunting and expensive. But, fortunately enough, the truth is that your facility may already have most of the equipment it needs in order to keep people safe. It’s just a matter of getting the right tech in there to bring your old devices right into 2019.