October 12, 2018
Digital Signage Strategy

Don’t Waste Your EOY Budget: Upgrade Your Corporate Headquarters with Digital Signage

Leftover Budget? Use IT Or Lose IT

It’s that time again- time to turn off the AC unit, dig the old scarf out of the closet, and make your holiday travel plans. More importantly, it’s time to prepare for the end of the fiscal year. Have you given thought to what will happen at the end of this fourth quarter? 

If your organization has played your cards well you might have budget leftovers (which, quite possibly are the only rival to Thanksgiving leftovers).  So, the question becomes, what should we do with it? 

Instead of throwing it at google ads or buying company swag, consider investing in a solution that will return revenue to your organization by something as simple as a boost in how you communicate.

Dated Offices Lose Money, Productivity, and Employees

Communication practices are vital to any organization, and much more important than you realize. Here’s the scary truth: the average employee attends 62 meetings a month, totalling 31 unproductive hours. That’s 11 million meetings a day in the US alone. 

Your mid-level managers, are spending 35% of their work day in meetings, and your high-level managers are spending about half. That means 2.5 days of their week are just meetings. And, let’s be very blunt, most meetings are completely ineffective. 

Here’s the real horror story: these meeting-attending employees are wasting $2100 to $4100 of the annual company budget on poor internal communications. We all know what happens when communication dwindles. Productivity slows down, culture turns sour, and employees leave. 

[Download Why Employees Leave: Addressing High Turnover Rates]

Money is never wasted when it’s spent improving internal communications. Think about it: when was the last time you upgraded the actual communication infrastructure of the corporate headquarters with a physical, digital tool? 

No, we’re not talking about the new cappuccino machine in the lobby. We’re talking about the look, feel, and capabilities of your communication mediums- a medium that can avoid the typical communication roadblocks while effectively distributing messages - Digital Signage. 

Viralize Communications and Digitally Update the Office

In any corporate environment, digital signage is the proven communication solution. Whether your audience is consciously or unconsciously viewing your screens, messaging will be stickier and lead to increased awareness. According to Atlassian, a whopping 47% of audiences retained information 30 days after seeing a digital signs. 

Implementing digital signage saves companies time, effort, and money. Instead of sending emails or printing out numerous flyers, digital signage can showcase any type of content. From daily agendas and executive messaging, to motivational content to boost morale, eyes are attracted to messages on digital signage. 

Intriguing employees with dynamic content relevant to their daily tasks is a proven way to get everyone on track. Internal signs, located in employee lounges or conference rooms, distribute information in real time. This content can display sales stats, organizational data, and emergency alerts. 

External signs, located in hallways or lobbies, welcome visitors and acknowledge achievements. This content helps create overall brand awareness. This content can also include real-time news stories, weather forecasts, and messages from the CEO. 

Digitally Inspire Employees with Automated Messaging

Not sure you’d use the medium that often if you purchased it? With the right CMS provider, Digital signage can automate relevant, branded content for you! Digital signage software can take your existing data and integrate those numbers to the screens. It can also motivate employees by inspiring action through promotional campaigns. 

Digital signage customization options are endless, the software is designed to be hassle free, and the communication uses are far more effective than any other device. It can pull your social media posts, website snapshots, RSS feeds, and more. The CMS turns these bits of information into well-designed, eye catching digital content. 

Don’t question if you should or shouldn’t invest in a digital office upgrade. Go digital and enter the new year with a fresh hold on your communications. Whichever communication you seek to broadcast, there is no doubt that digital signage will be worth the investment.

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