May 6, 2019
Product News

The Future of Digital Signage and Artificial Intelligence

New Tech is Bringing Incredible Intelligence to Digital Signage

Digital signage isn’t just keeping up with new tech -- it’s leading the way. In all types of environments, digital screens are testing and showcasing the freshest innovations in software.

Watching the evolution of screen capabilities over the years has been remarkable, to say the least, and the progress is only getting bigger and better.

Over at Sprinklr, the team is particularly excited about several new integrations that have upped their signage to the next level (and then some).

Justin Garrity, Sprinklr’s VP of User Research and Display, is constantly monitoring these solutions, deploying the software and making adjustments as needed until the final product is smarter, sleeker and stronger.

It’s not about repeatedly starting from scratch; rather about improving on already-awesome product. “You can retain your [existing] creative but also put in content that’s more dynamic,” Justin explained. These designs “change every day or once a week, making it really interesting to look at.”

Tech Connects User Generated Content to Digital Signage

One program that’s already transforming the marketing industry is a system that combs through social media to gauge consumer commentary. As people start buzzing about a new product online, the program tracks those responses.

That real-world feedback enables the program to determine what’s really resonating with customers -- vital information for the company’s marketing team.

As Justin put it: Let’s say you have a new product in five colors. Before you roll out that product, you have to create marketing materials to display in the store. One color is going to have to take center stage, but it’s impossible to predict which one is going to be the biggest hit with shoppers.

And once those sales numbers do come in months later, the products are no longer brand-new, and there’s not much incentive to create all-new marketing materials.

“Just like marketing teams have gotten used to doing variants for email ads, we are encouraging brands to do variants for in-store creative,” Justin said. “Use our listening platform to listen to social conversations in real-time, and apply positive sentiment analysis” to modify existing creative for the most successful long-term impact.

Social analytics are just the beginning. More and more programs in development will help elevate the impact of digital signage, creating a customized experience that feels personal and relevant for the target audience.