October 12, 2018
Digital Signage Strategy

How to Solve Department Miscommunication with Digital Signage

Streamline Office Communications Digitally

In the corporate environment, the client comes first. This often leaves office communication efforts as an afterthought. Managers and directors are left buzzing around, thinking of the best strategies to please the investors.

And the rest of the office has to wait for information to trickle down to them via word of mouth, emails, or flyers.  Companies must reevaluate how to streamline office communication.

If you work in an office, these stats from Atlassian won’t come as a surprise: Most employees are attending 62 meetings a month. If each meeting is an hour long, half of those meetings are deemed ‘unproductive.’ This results in 37 billion dollars of annual salary wages being misspent on unnecessary meetings.

The waste doesn’t stop there. Most employees receive up to 304 business emails on average each week. The annual productivity cost of these poorly written communications, per employee, is $2100-4100 dollars.

Meetings just repeat the same information that has been circulation over emails for the past few days. How can companies remedy this cycle? By implementing a solution that reaches all audiences in a simple, visually engaging manner.

Digital Signage Facilitates Office Communication

As companies grow in size, their office communication strategies must also evolve. Email isn’t always the answer- sensitive filters can toss the wrong messages into the wrong bins.

Digital signage is the best way to facilitate communication within an organization. It saves companies time, effort, and money. It’s the most effective way to communicate to multiple endpoints by strategically targeting audiences with relevant, real time information.

Whether your audience is consciously or unconsciously viewing your screens, messaging will be stickier and lead to increased awareness. 30 days after viewing a digital sign, 47% of audiences retained information received.

Intriguing employees with content relevant to their daily tasks is a proven way to get everyone on track. Internal signs distribute timely information, make operations more efficient, and transmit emergency alerts. They can also showcase daily agenda, executive messaging, and motivational content to boost morale.

External signs are perfect for product promotion, acknowledging achievement, and creating overall brand awareness. Whichever office communication you seek to display, there is no doubt that digital signage has a solution for you.  

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