July 2, 2019
Audience Engagement

Law Firm Longevity: The 3 Keys to Stop Associate Attrition

Proven Employee Retention Strategies for Law Firms

Powering every great law firm is its people. Successful firms understand that top-tier talent is a valuable commodity, and there’s no real substitute for a partner with years of niche, fine-tuned expertise. 

That’s why the rapid rate of turnover plaguing the legal field is so alarming: Day after day, remarkably skilled lawyers are walking away from their jobs -- and sometimes their whole careers. It’s a complicated issue, but three simple words can alleviate and resolve major elements of the retention battle: Publicize, promote and project.

Legal Advice for Employee Turnover and Firm Management

How do large law firms and small combat high turnover while maintaining their book of business? To retain employees, you can’t just give them a basket of fruit around the holidays and expect them to feel an emotional attachment to the firm. 
Industry Weapon has worked closely with firms of all sizes, from small boutiques to massive global teams. Our strategy for implementing digital signage is customizable, but it carefully addresses all three of those key concepts in order to strengthen employee retention and dramatically cut down turnover costs.

1: Publicize Wins 

Let’s start here by clearing up a common misconception. Firms sometimes initially think that “publicize” means broadcasting confidential information on screens throughout the workplace. That’s certainly not advisable! “Publicize” means promoting exciting, publicly-available company accomplishments and developments. 

Throughout your firm, individual employees are working on their own cases and clients. And while those at the executive level are likely kept in the loop on big wins, often partners’ everyday colleagues have no idea what’s going on in the office next door.

Digital signage bridges that gap. By publicizing those great wins throughout the office, staff will not only feel more adequately acknowledged for their own hard work, but they’ll also be able to see that the firm is thriving on a larger scale. It fosters a sense of community and joint purpose in an often isolating environment.

2: Promote Your People

Just barely under pay and vacation time, a legitimate thank-you message is the third most valued sign of workplace appreciation, according to a 2017 OfficeTeam survey. In fact, two-thirds said they’d leave their jobs if they didn’t feel adequately acknowledged in the office. Talk about job satisfaction being a massive proponent of attrition rates. 

Digital signage is a hassle-free but incredibly effective medium for proving to your partners and associates that you recognize and care about them as human beings.

Within the legal field, in particular, there’s a common negative sentiment of “To them, I’m just a number” -- the idea that their worth is solely measured in black-and-white figures. Celebrate your people because they deserve it, and because their value to the firm goes beyond their quarterly earnings.

Employees leave when they are disgruntled. Employees stay when they feel like a family member. Showcase birthdays, employment anniversaries, or even personal milestones like welcoming a new baby or running a marathon. These digital announcements can be presented in non-intrusive and professional ways that enhance the workplace environment.

3: Project the Firm’s Long Term Visions

Where are we headed? Certainly, information about overarching firm goals and blueprints must be handled carefully, but your team should be in the know about initiatives that are safe for wider consumption. 

You likely have impressive plans in place that are no secret at all, but after that monthly all-hands meeting comes to a close, they’re not mentioned again. Allow your digital signage displays to promote your firm’s vision for the future. This could mean, for example, showcasing a newly-revised mission statement. 

Do your employees really know what it means? Do they know why you chose it, and what it means for the months and years to come? Your firm has a clear path forward, so it’s crucial to ensure that your employees know where it’s going.

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