November 19, 2018
Audience Engagement

Let Your Internal Communications Go Viral

Employee Engagement and Company Culture Go Hand-in-Hand

Here’s the honest truth: There are plenty of ways to do digital signage wrong. And we’re not just talking about using Comic Sans. (Although that’s obviously a sin.)

So how does a company figure out what internal comms content best resonates with its employees? Well, at Highwoods, the team started with a survey, which shed some much-needed light.

They quickly learned that employees wanted to know more about what other divisions, other people like them, were doing on a day-to-day basis. With that in mind, an idea was born.

Fun Content Improves Employee Engagement and Company Culture

Meet the little blue man.

Vicki explained to us that every year, Highwood’s CEO goes on a “road show,” visiting each division to deliver a “State of Us.” The three-hour meeting is a highlight of the year -- everybody loves attending and feeling that real sense of community.

Armed with the knowledge that employees wanted to know more about each other on a personal level, the marketing team debuted the “little blue man,” a small figurine inspired by Ed’s annual road show.

Each employee got their own and was encouraged to snap photos of the lil guy out and about. People brought their little blue man on travels across the globe -- their own “road shows,” if you will -- and submitted their pics to be featured on the daily electronic newsletter displayed in each office.

The marketing team not only broadcast the photos but also added creative copy, like fun facts about Scotland when the little blue man made a trip over to Edinburgh.

Individual employees were able to contribute to the campaign, which proved that highly engaged team members are simple the ones who have a change to get involved.

Effective Communications Lead to Positive Corporate Culture

Not every idea is going to resonate with employees. It really is a process of thinking creatively and extensively about what might work -- and then giving those ideas a fair shot.

Sometimes a concept takes a few days (or even longer) to gain steam and make an impact: The “little blue man” took time to grow, develop and ultimately rock.

But once you do have an idea that’s gaining traction, that’s when it’s time to double down and push the envelope. Why is it working? What about it is so compelling? How do we keep up the employee engagement?

We’ve found that a 30-70 split -- 30% company-oriented communications, 70% more evergreen or newsy content -- is the magic ratio for maximum engagement. What you choose to do with that 30% can be incredible.

At Industry Weapon, we’ve developed so many types of digital content, so in some ways, we’ve seen it all. But that said, we’re constantly surprised and impressed by our customers’ awesomely unique ideas.

The next “little blue man”-caliber idea is just around your work environment corner. If your company is battling high turnover, deploy our employee retention program and save money.

To see how Highwoods Properties uses digital signage for internal comms, watch Episode One of our Business Impact Workshop.