March 4, 2019
Digital Signage Strategy

Your Products Are Awesome. But Do Your Employees Know It?

Employees Have Greater Job Satisfaction When They See Their Impact

Here’s an issue we often see in medium-sized and large companies. Individual people are all working on their own initiatives, pushing on toward their personal OKRs. They may collaborate in small teams and, every once in a while, talk about their work in bigger quarterly meetings. But they often have no idea -- seriously, none at all -- what people in other departments are doing.

Why? Easy answer: They’re focused on their own jobs, not the result of their creations.

Show How Products Make a Meaningful Change in Someone’s Life

And while it’s certainly important (critical, really) that employees center their attention on their own work, it also means that many staffers are missing out on knowledge that could really boost their sense of workplace pride.

It doesn’t take an in-depth survey to know that people want to feel good about where they work. Nobody wants to feel embarrassed about their jobs. But oftentimes, because they’re so laser-focused on their personal tasks, employees have little insights into what the company as a whole is producing.

On the production floor at Angiodynamics, a medical device manufacturer, there’s a lot happening at one time. People are assigned to all sorts of separate tasks, and those jobs might be stage one of a five- or ten-stage process. They typically don’t see the final product -- they’re working on their stage, and that’s it.

With that in mind, the company’s manufacturing manager and IT lead decided to use digital signage to show their employees what they’re really doing on a day-to-day basis.

Let Employees Feel Proud of Their Purpose

“We put a video up there of how it helps patients, and what the device actually does,” they explained. “It motivates them to work faster because they know if we’re behind on schedule, that’s a person.”

He added, “What they do in the plant -- they might be doing something with a tube, minuscule, but at the end of the day, it’s going into a person’s body and helping that individual. We want to put those stories in front of folks because … [it makes them] want to be here.”

The Angiodynamics team is even working on creating content that showcases their own employees who have a personal connection to the medical devices. Customers aren’t always strangers -- in fact, they’re often friends and family.

Pretty powerful stuff. And even if your company isn’t literally saving lives, it is making an impact. Maybe your business helps people organize their closets, manage their money, market their business.

These are all important services and products, and they are making a difference in people’s lives. Your employees want to know that their long hours are going toward something that matters, and digital signage can help you show them just that. Check out the Business Impact Workshop with Angiodynamics for the whole story.