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New Alerts App!

Corporate campuses, manufacturing facilities, K12 schools, universities, hospitals and many other facilities rely on mass emergency notification systems to quickly alert their people of emergencies. 


Common emergency scenarios include fire emergencies and drills, inclement weather reports, intruder warnings, shelter in place warnings, IT outages, all clear notifications, and more. 


By connecting your safety and alert system with CommandCenterHD, you can ensure your timely message reaches your people through the digital signage deployed throughout your facility. Set up generally only takes a few minutes.


To get started you’ll need to have the Alerts app activated in your account. Expansion Pack subscribers – just go to the Apps section of CommandCenterHD and search “alerts”. If you need any help connecting your communication platform to the app, drop us a line and we’ll get you taken care of. 


For more info call or write your account manager directly or call the main number 877-344-8450 and ask to speak to an agent about activating your Alerts app.

U.S. and Canada: 1-877-344-8450

Australia: +61 3 8820 5518

UK: +44 (20) 3750 9810

France: +33 (1) 85640144

All Other : +1-724-941-5298


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