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Make Safety Your Priority

In the event of an emergency, you need the ability to communicate clearly and immediately. The first step is to quickly inform everyone in the area. The best way to spread a unified message is with digital signage. The Alerts App connects your existing safety and alert system with the CommandCenterHD digital signage platform. As soon as the system identifies an emergency, it transmits your message over your existing digital signage network.


The Alerts App integrates with existing systems such as e2Campus, uAlert, Blackboard and Campus Alert. Once an emergency is triggered in the system, a 160-character message takes over the displays as an emergency notification. The message informs people of the emergency, and provides details like evacuation procedures. If you use a different notification system, our experts can work with you to set up the correct connections to your platform of choice.


Watch to learn more about the Alerts App.


No one wants to think about these topics, but preparing for them is vital. When disaster strikes, your school or organization needs to have a plan of action. Industry Weapon’s Alerts App helps you focus on safety and stay prepared.


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