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Meet the IW Series Players!

Choosing the right digital signage hardware for the type of content you want to play can be challenging. There are many options out in the market that range in price, size and operating system.  Buyers can be confused by features and functions that they do not need.

Industry Weapon has simplified the device selection process by focusing on the content and intention of the installation.


Introducing the Industry Weapon Series Players:


eseries pseries wseries


E Series
The first step to all signage installations is selecting the screen. The E Series gives you the screen and the digital signage player in one piece of hardware, making installation and management a breeze. If you are looking for a non-touch experience and you need a screen, start with the E Series.

Need to get more out of your digital signage? You can always upgrade to the P Series or W Series.


P Series
When you need to run more robust content, upgrade to the P Series. The P1 and P2  offer more horsepower and functionality to accommodate multiple ranges of digital signage. Whether you need a custom data integration, want to explore interactive content, or want to have a robust device management system – we have the player for you! The P2 can also host a MediaBridge.


W Series
If your experience requires multiple screens with complex layouts and resolutions, you need the W Series. Supporting 4 and 8 screen configurations, the W Series players are designed for video wall functionality, high-performance and large-scale designs.


Player Applications
In addition to the IW Series of players, Industry Weapon continues to develop and enhance a  portfolio of Player Applications for a variety of manufacturing partners and operating systems. These soft players applications enable each device to become a digital signage player when uniquely paired to CommandCenterHD. Industry Weapon has teamed up with device platforms from BrightSign, Cisco, Dell, ELO, Intel, LG, HP, Samsung, as well as, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Google’s Chrome and Android operating systems.


Interested in learning more about Industry Weapon’s IW Series Players? Contact us today to learn more!

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