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Internal Retail Communication Insights with David Wible Industry Weapon CEO

Internal Retail Communication Insights from Industry Weapon’s CEO David Wible

Besides outdoing each other, brick and mortar retailers are competing against the at-home shopping wave. Consumers can curl up on the couch with their coffee and blankets and surf shopping sites. Shops and department stores need to offer an experience that outshines the Amazons and Overstock.coms.

When a consumer enters a store, their mindset is already more inclined to buy, so they can walk out with a product. So, it’s essential that employees interact positively with these consumers upon entrance. Read any blog post about retail digital signage, and it will likely revolve around customer facing engagement. But it won’t touch on the importance of internal retail communication.

These blogs will boast about interactive integrations or dynamic campaigns, where the customers are always the end users. While these blogs are informative, they miss the point. We asked our CEO to sit down and share some insight on what digital communications can do for retailers. Read Wible’s interview below.

Question: Why is digital signage so important for retailers in today’s world?

Answer: We see a need to bring the brand and the employees together; for retailers to make the in-store employee feel connected to the brand, thus feeling more passionate when selling it to consumers.

Digital signage technology needs to focus on engaging employees who aren’t passionate, because when they are disconnected to the brand, it diminishes the opportunity for the sale. 

When the brand is unable to communicate with the consumer directly, the next best outlet is to speak through the employee. Sadly, the technology that is being invested in the employee is the same as it was in the 70’s. We’re saying: empower the employees with digital signage. Get them excited so that they can passionately engaging the consumer. Then, when the consumer walks through the door, they’ll get an experience that they can’t get at home on the computer.

Question: What are some of the mistakes retailers make when it comes to digital signage?

Answer: They invest more in the consumer than they do in the employee. Every bit of literature you read about digital signage in retail revolves around the consumer, but the consumer is focused on the quality of the product and the emotional connection to the brand. If the consumer has entered the store, your digital signage isn’t going to sway their opinion of the brand- the employee passion will. People buy from people they like.

Question: How can digital signage be used as part of an overall integrated marketing campaign?

Answer: Instead of using it for a consumer facing marketing campaign, businesses should take advantage of its security benefits. Take Mitchell Modell, CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods, who dressed up and claimed to be a VP of Dick’s Sporting Goods and was then able to collect business information from the backroom employees of the store. The whole situation could have been avoided with internal communication.

We believe leveraging digital media gives retailers the ability to have employee-facing public information that they can now lock down and make secure. We’re integrating the secret sauce messaging, we’re wrapping it in security, and delivering via digital media- so we don’t have to wait for the messages to pass down through the ranks and get to the employees. We can get it to them right away while making sure it’s secure.

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Internal Retail Communication

An easy way to begin to integrate internal retail communication into digital signage is Industry Weapon’s StoreConnectHD. The product aims to drive the crowded and overwhelming walls of the back-room bulletin board into extinction. The technology allows retailers at the corporate, regional, and store level to communicate with associates through touch screens and tablets. Using one interface, retailers access loss-prevention statistics, sales performance metrics, employee schedules, distribute video and display shrink data with category specific missing product details.

While consumers are likely to hop on the selfie application, or partake in interactive social media integrations, their next focus is the brand’s personal representative- the customer-facing employees.

For more information about what digital signage can do for your internal retail communication efforts, request a demo!
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