Digital Signage is Everywhere

From standalone TVs to video walls to interactive kiosks, digital signage has proven to be a highly effective way to communicate and drive results in just about every industry. Corporate offices, retail outlets, schools, hospitals, banks, manufacturing plants (and many more markets) have all embraced this exciting platform to share content with their target audiences.


To manage your digital signage, you are going to need software that can get you up and running quickly but also scale to meet your needs as you grow.

Industry Weapon's CommandCenterHD is the easiest way to manage your network of digital signage. It doesn't matter if you have one tv or thousands spread across the globe, CommandCenterHD provides you with all the tools you need to upload, schedule and manage your digital signage deployment.

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"We needed a solution that complimented the elegance of our product line while creating an immersive customer experience."

Centegra Health System

Carnie Kline

VP of Creative Services, Halls on Grand Kansas City

MediaBridge Content Distribution

The MediaBridge is the brains behind the operation and is responsible for communicating with CommandCenterHD to make sure the digital signage players connected to your TVs have the content they need for flawless playback.

Additionally, the MediaBridge monitors the health of your digital signage network and reports any issues to the CommandCenterHD dashboard, so you can take quick action to resolve the problem

Did you know that we are digital media player agnostic, which means as technology changes and new digital signage players hit the market, our engineers and quality assurance teams work together to ensure we support the latest and greatest player offerings within our catalog of IW Series Players.

Embedded Devices

The IW-E Series gives you the screen and the signage player embedded in one device.

  • Simple Setup
  • Easy Maintenance
  • No need to purchase separate signage player
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External Player Devices

When you need a bit more storage or want to run robust content, it's time to upgrade to an external player. The IW P Series offers two tiers of external players for more horsepower and functionality across multiple ranges of digital signage.

  • Full support for custom data integrations
  • Robust Device Management
  • Full support for interactive content
  • Combo option allows for the MediaBridge and Media Player to live together on one device
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Video Wall Devices

If you require a video wall installation for your digital signage experience, the IW W Series can power multiple screens with complex layouts and resolutions.

  • Support for video walls of various configurations
  • Support for large-scale campaigns
  • Robust Device Management
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"Industry Weapon offers a dynamic digital signage solution that is very easy to use. The pricing is simple and the product is great."

Centegra Health Sysmtem

Clinton Zaikis

Marketing Officer and Digital Marketing Manager, Centier Bank