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Lack of Internal Communication Promotes Employee Disengagement


In our recent post, “Is Your Lack of Store Signage Holding Back Your Business?” we talked about the importance of external signage and how it attracts and informs prospective clients. But, what happens once you have a captivating sign outside, but no signage that implements internal communication to give employees direction?

A simple example, imagine running into an unfamiliar grocery store with the task of buying coffee. Once inside the store you realize there is no directory above any of the isles. Now imagine asking an employee where to find the coffee only to find that they don’t know either. How annoying!

A business must have a strong-willed team of employees, ready to advocate and inform the masses. Otherwise, they only create sales obstacles for themselves. The sad reality is most companies don’t have a sturdy foundation. Gallup found that only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work.1

Unengaged employees will not spread the brand’s message to anyone, nor will they add to the appeal of the business. Unfortunately, the negative impact of these workers doesn’t stop there. According to Pinkerton, when an employee feels neglected, mistreated, or overworked- they are more likely to engage in theft.2 Consider this:


“Annually, US retail companies lose more than $37 billion from stolen products. Time theft is another consideration.  When employees take work time to check their personal e-mail, text with friend, go on Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms, or just simply take unauthorized breaks, they are stealing time since they are not doing the job they are being paid to do. According to the FBI, this type of theft costs all U.S. companies a combined $500 billion annually.” 3

Jesse Berger, Pinkerton, Vice President



Digital Signage Provides Easy, Engaging Communications


How do you build up morale and prevent apathy in these employees? The answer is simple: open the communication pathways through an easy-to-use, engaging medium. Communication has to start from within. That’s why businesses are turning to digital signage to power their internal communication efforts.

Digital signage software capabilities stretch much farther than just displaying marketing messages. Digital signage software drives the crowded, overwhelming walls of back-room bulletin boards to extinction. In fact, 50% of companies are using digital signage to enhance internal communications .4 

The technology allows corporate, regional, and store level professions the ability to communicate with associates through interactive touchscreens and tablets. The software also integrates with existing reporting systems to display loss-prevention statistics, sales-performance metrics, employee schedules, and shrink data. Employees will be less likely to take advantage of their company when the numbers are displayed in real time.

Videos, which are often underused in internal communications, can provide detailed tutorials for training or product and service education. 72% of internal communication teams are planning to increase the use of video when communicating with employees.5 With digital signage, transmitting and broadcasting videos to play on internal signage simply requires a few clicks. Simply enough, employees engaged by the entertaining quality of videos playing on the screens while developing a deeper relationship with the brand.

It gets better, content programs that provide weather reports, sports scores, breaking news, and other public information transmitting on the screens, employees won’t be so tempted to check their own smart phones. Companies can also embrace social media through digital signage so that their customers and employees see that they are up-to-date with the trends of the time. It shows that the company is willing to speak the modern language and connect with consumers on their own turf. Integrations can push Twitter, Instagram, Facebook posts and more onto the screens.


Connected Employees are Well Worth the Effort

The McKinsey Global Institute says, engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25% in organizations , and the potential for revenue comes to about $1.3 trillion per year.6 Thats a staggering number! Especially considering the amount of use you can get out of digital signage internal communication SaaS.



Kelly Eisel

Kelly Eisel

Marketing Manager at Industry Weapon
Marketer, choreographer, and full-time mother: I'm an avid digital signage advocate, helping businesses realize their communication potential.
Kelly Eisel


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