Make Sure They're Watching

We provide CommandCenterHD subscribers with digital signage content, customized to your organizations needs, right out of the gate. You also receive access to several deluxe content programs to keep your digital signage content fresh and interesting.

Mix It Up

One of the key elements to ensure a successful deployment is to mix up your digital signage content and keep it fresh every day. We offer many services to help offset your content creation burden that allow you to focus on publishing your most important communications.

Interactive Content

On Their Terms

More than ever, people want to seek information or make purchases on their own terms. Provide your audience with this control by installing interactive kiosks, touch displays, and tablets, so they can choose the information or products they wish to consume.

Not Just Wayfinding and Ordering

Touchscreen displays are perfectly designed for checking into appointments, browsing interactive brochures, searching fitment or placement guidelines, and creating fun experiences like a selfie-kiosk that encourages your audience to share your brand with their social media network.

Video Walls & Unique Installs

Demand Attention

Video walls are popular for a reason. They have incredible audience engagement rates and create an environment that gets eyeballs to your content. Even if the screens are simply playing ambient videos, the video wall will positively impact any location and make the room come alive.

If you’ve got a unique install in mind, it’s our goal to make sure the end project reflects your vision. We work with our customers to decide which configuration and content options work best based on your needs.


Automation is Key

Digital Signage is a great catalyst to share information across departments, across campuses, and across locations. The easiest way to make sure the information on your digital signage is always up to date is to connect our software with the programs, applications or spreadsheets that run your business. When you complete this integration, your digital signage will automatically change when the information in your systems is updated.

We Work With Agencies

Even though Industry Weapon employs an in-house team of designers and content creators, we also work with several content agencies from around the world who are already supporting our customer's content needs. If you need our assistance with content, we are here to help, but if you already have a company providing you with content - we are more than happy to work with them and even train them on how to use CommandCenterHD to upload, schedule and manage content.

The Tools You Need To Hit The Ground Running

Our instant content packages provide a wide range of curated content to keep your screens fresh daily. We take the chore of making fun, informational and entertaining content off of your plate by providing it to you.

Weekly content, like This Week in History, Quote of the Week, and Word of the Week are completely free for all CommandCenterHD users. Want more content on your screens daily? Our daily content package includes categories like Health and Wellness, This Day in History, and Fun Facts is available as a subscription and is part of our expansion package.

Ask your account manager about other programs like Basic Fundamentals, a free program that generates 192 templates and videos each week, as well as, Pins and Projects, which is quite possibly the easiest way to manage your digital signage content of any system available today.