Oct 5, 2018

Digital Signage Increases Productivity for AngioDynamics

The Importance of Employee Communications in Manufacturing

AngioDynamics, a manufacturer of medical, surgical and diagnostic devices has grown exponentially since its founding in 1988. This steady growth has been fueled by a strong focus on innovation in product development and manufacturing operations.

Keeping line workers informed of production metrics was a big issue. These employees don’t have access to computers or phones during their shift, therefore emails and conference calls couldn’t mitigate the lack of communication. Management relied primarily on verbal and paper communications, facilitated during Gemba walks at the start of each shift, to share metrics about line efficiency, utilization, and KPIs.

Employees weren’t paying attention to paper memos or retaining key metrics moments after hearing them. They felt unprepared and couldn’t partake in productive conversations about their performance. Management needed a new way to empower and inform their staff.

The Trial and Error of Manufacturing Productivity Tools

Lucas Sauer-Jones, Distribution Manager and AngioDynamics, knew digital displays would keep site information top of mind for line workers. His team’s initial digital signage attempts leveraged a browser to stream information, but it was difficult and time-consuming refresh the content each day. He asked the IT department to find a solution that could easily deploy metrics to the displays. They reached out to PC Connection who suggested Industry Weapon.

“Board members that have visited the site since the installing digital signage have given us excellent feedback. They are impressed that the company has intuitively improved day-to-day processes with visual communication.”
- Lucas Sauer-Jones, Distribution Manager, AngioDynamics

Industry Weapon’s Digital Signage Manufacturing Communication Solution

Industry Weapon’s simple-to-update solution allows AngioDynamics to keep content fresh and stream key metrics campaigns to their displays. The company demonstrated how their software platform, CommandCenterHD, can automate socially relevant content to their screens to break up corporate communications. Industry Weapon also promised to train and provide free, 24/7 technical support to AngioDynamics.

Real-Time Data Visuals Lead to Production Line Clarity

For years, these line workers never confessed to management that didn’t fully grasp what the graphs depicted. After seeing the numbers on the screens, they began asking questions. Management realized they needed to educate their staff on these vital metrics. Staff can proactively alert management of factors impacting their line and offer insightful recommendations.

Motivate Employees with Friendly Competition of Digital Signage

The staff began to use their daily line statistics as an internal competition among the lines. Not only did this initiate conversations between staff and management about techniques to improve their numbers, but it created positive morale on the floor.

Company Departments Save Time

AngioDynamics’ HR department feels the solution saves tons of time. Instead of printing out flyers, walked around to numerous bulletin boards, replacing old flyers with the new ones- they can update and edit messages within the CMS. Important announcements, safety communications and even job postings are displayed instantly.