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Basic Fundamentals for Corporate Communications

Did you know that included with every CommandCenterHD account is a FREE content program that creates content for you automatically? Basic Fundamentals provides CommandCenterHD users with professional templates, motion graphics, and a super simple way to content edits on your dashboard.

Basic Fundamentals keeps your digital signage looking fresh every single day of the week by generating 192 unique and personalize slides across eight corporate communication categories including Employee Wellness, Executive Messaging, Events, Important Announcements, Performance Metrics, and more!

For your message to be remembered it must be repeated and seen often, but if you digital signage always looks the same the screens will be ignored. Basic Fundamentals helps to attract views by changing the color and positioning of your content 3 times per day while adding motion graphics, so the content looks like it is changing constantly. Best of all – Basic Fundamentals is branded with your logo and colors and will pull in updates from your social media posts and AP News.

Whether you are just getting started with digital signage and need some startup content or a seasoned professional and would like an easy way to change things up, be sure to give Basic Fundamentals a test drive.

How do I activate Basic Fundamentals?

Your account may already have Basic Fundamentals enabled. In the upper right hand corner of your dashboard, click on the dropdown menu that reads “Default”. If you see “Basic Fundamentals” in the dropdown, click on it to see the editable categories on your dashboard. Don’t worry – you can always toggle back to the Default dashboard.

If Basic Fundamentals is not appearing in the dropdown menu, contact your account manager to have it added to your account.

U.S. and Canada: 1-877-344-8450

Australia: +61 3 8820 5518

UK: +44 (20) 3750 9810

France: +33 (1) 85640144

All Other : +1-724-941-5298


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