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Animated Backgrounds for digital signage content

Animated Backgrounds for Digital Signage Content

Guest blogger, Greg Crowson, the Digital Asset Management Specialist at RE/MAX University, shares his trick for turning short videos into digital signage campaign backdrops. *Warning: This design tip blog is for content creators that have a Photoshop account.*

Short, 10-30 second videos can be transformed into animated backgrounds. Whether they are an abstract design or a time-lapse scene, they give an extra dimension of sophistication to your digital signage messages. Here is how I’ve been creating animated backgrounds for digital signage content within CommandCenterHD. 

How to Make Animated Backgrounds in CommandCenterHD

Step 1: Find an HD wallpaper you like and save it to your computer.

Step 2: Open iMovie and bring the HD wallpaper into your project, then to your timeline. Make the duration 10 seconds.

Step 3: Apply Ken Burns effect to create a zoom on the graphic.

Step 4: Drag the graphic from your media to the timeline a second time so you have two of the same files overlapping for 10 seconds.

Step 5: Rotate the second graphic 180 degrees, and set transparency to 50%. Change the zoom effect to a different speed.

Step 6: Share out to file at 1080p.

Step 7: Upload the file as a video to ChannelsHD. Place your text over the video file to create your animated background slide.


Royalty Free Video Backgrounds

I’ve set up a free account on the website and downloaded some of the free HD content they have available. They have tons of free video backgrounds available. I simply take a screen grab of the video I want and bring it into Photoshop.

I build out the text of my campaign message within the photoshop file on a separate layer. Once everything looks the way I like, I turn off the background layer so that only my “text” layer for my video overlay is showing. I then save that out as transparent bkgd PNG file.

You can also use the preset title screens in iMovie to plug in your text and export it all as one video. I prefer to build the text in Illustrator or Photoshop and layer it in. You can basically go out and shoot any short HD clips on your phone, in Horizontal format of course, and then import it into your system. The effect is really cool in the end.

Be sure to download your free animated background for this month! 

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Greg Crowson

Greg Crowson

Digital Asset Management Specialist at RE/MAX University, RE/MAX LLC
Greg Crowson is the Digital Asset Management Specialist at RE/MAX University, RE/MAX LLC. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of building digital content within CommandCenterHD.
Greg Crowson

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